Introducing: The Luxury

Vip Sardinia Retreat

Work - Life - Balance at it's finest!

Introducing: The Luxury

Vip Sardinia Retreat

Work - Life - Balance at it's finest!

Sardinia - a Glimpse of Paradise...

When was the last time...

You took 4 days out of your busy schedule and focused on ONE THING only?

Problem with our Busy Lives is that we hardly ever get to do that. And then we wonder, why we are not moving and progressing as quickly as we would like to - sound familiar?

This is why we created THE VIP SARDINIA PROGRAM - a business retreat that forces you - in a good way - to get away from email, social media, phone calls and other distractions for 4 days to focus on ONE THING:

Getting your Business to the next Level.

And relax, create & have fun at the same time.

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Why are we doing this Retreat? 3 reasons...

What our Participants say

Stephany Chantal Jones, Authentic Leadership Coach

Kenneth Kurtzweg, Innovation Coach

Human Beings are creatures of Nature-the closer we can get to Nature, the more rapidly our mind works

What we will work on

3 Months Project Plan


to take your Business to the next Level, implementing 7 Master Principles to make sure you get what you want



with likeminded individuals to brainstorm new, creative solutions for your challenges in Business and Live

Video Training & Shooting


Create 5 - 10 Videos on the most beautiful spots of this island to promote your products, services or yourself

Bring your Teenagers...

Tarik Kurtzweg with a big mission



Is one of the most beautiful spots on this planet. The incredible natural beauty, the tasty food, the (almost) always shining sun, the colourful sea and the friendly, welcoming people make this a magical place.

Enjoy the boat trip...

To the island of Tavolara where we will have an opulent lunch

Shooting videos...

In a location like this captures some of the magic inside you, too. The videos will be promotional, yes, but also unforgettable, lasting memories of you as the best version of yourself.

Relax, play, have fun and work...

In this intensive program we will get more done in 4 days, because there will be no distractions. Benefit from masterminding with likeminded individuals, get some down time for yourself, rejuvenate & refresh your spirit - you will be surprised by your own creativity!

Punishment in Paradise...

Great Lessons, Energy & Fun!

This is where the Masterminding happens...

incredible view from the roof top - you can actually see 3 oceans!

4* luxury accomodation

in large 40 m2 Appartments with Patio...


and Garden


3 minutes from the beach


Fine Food & Italian Hospitality

June 25th - 28th, 2020

4* Residence Hotel CALA PARADISO

Capo Coda Cavallo, 08020 San Teodoro OT Sardegna, Italia +39 0784 833012

Beautifully situated between 2 beaches on the peninsula of Coda Cavallo (Horse-tail), 3 minutes from the beach.

Book your flight to Olbia, arriving Thursday June 25th, 2020 before 4 pm.

The program will run until Sunday, June 28th, 2020, approximately 2 pm.

It includes accomodation, luxury dinner at a breathtaking location, Boat Trip & Opulent Lunch at the Island of Tavolara and most of the meals.

Come join us for an unforgettable experience!